Single Server License and Embedded Mode


We have an application that runs on a single server in embedded mode to write server million records.  Is it possible to use the single server license for embedded mode use?  I've looked through the forum, but haven't been able to determine how to configure this type of setup, if it is possible.  I would prefer to stick with embedded mode for the speed. Since we only have a single server that needs to write the number of records over the evaluation limit, it doesn't seem to fit the scenario for the larger scale licenses.


Sure. The server licence enables activation of one machine, but after activating that machine you can run ObjectDB in both client-server mode and embedded mode (ans also switch between modes if necessary).

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Do I need to do any type of configuration for embedded mode so that it will use the activation properly?


Just make sure that you run activation on the machine on which you plan to run the database later. Activation is the same for client-server mode and embedded mode. Maybe we should change the name of the licence from server licence to something less confusing.

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Thanks for your help.  I did run activation on the machine and did just want to verify that I don't need to define the .odb in a specific location or include any additional jars in the classpath.  I'll give it a go as it is and see what happens.


After activation you have to update the configuration file by adding the activation code.

If the evaluation limits are not removed then most likely activation code was not added to the correct objectdb.conf file, i.e. the configuration file that ObjectDB is using following these rules.

In short, find the location of the objectdb.jar file. If it is in a lib, bin or build directory go one level up. In that directory put the objectdb.conf file.

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I did update the objectdb.conf as directed during activation.  However, I'm using maven to to get objectdb lib from the objectdb repo for my application.  Should I configure the project to use the objectdb.jar on the activated machine itself instead?


Yes. Eventually at runtime a specific objectdb.jar file is used (regardless of how it was obtain).

The code in that JAR is looking for the objectdb.conf either in the same directory of the objectdb.jar or in the parent directory.

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