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I am probably misunderstanding but here I go,

How can configure the jdbc driver name for a grails   application,

the one in DataSource.groovy, in the same way for postgresql to: org.postgresql.Driver






I think it is not feasible as per:

This documentation explains how to use JPA in the context of the ObjectDB Object Database but mostly relevant
also for ORM JPA implementations, such as Hibernate (and HQL), EclipseLink, TopLink, OpenJPA and DataNucleus.
ObjectDB is not an ORM JPA implementation but an Object Database (ODBMS) for Java with built in JPA 2 support.

from objectdb.com ( http://www.objectdb.com/java/jpa/persistence/overview)


ObjectDB is not an RDBMS and it doesn't have a JDBC driver.

However, when JPA is supported, ObjectDB can be set using the persistence unit definition, and any JDBC driver can be specified (when it is required) as ObjectDB will not use it.

ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

Hi There,

in fact it  was to use it for a grails app (http://www.grails.com) with hibernate, so no it is not possible to use for grails

sorry for that,


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