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Entity object parameter in Explorer parameter



I cannot set an entity object in a parameter for a bulk update in the explorer query execution.
The format Entity#001 works well for the parameter in the WHERE clause, but it doesn't work in the SET clause.

For example, in the query:

UPDATE Account dep SET dep.status=:a WHERE dep.status=:b 


a:    Status#10002
b:    Status#10003

That query updates all accounts with status Status#10003, to a NULL status.




Do I doing something wrong or does explorer not support an entity parameter for an update?

Any time that I need to do a bulk update, I need to compile a special program.
A database needs to have a tool for that.



You are right. Currently the explorer does not support an entity parameter in an update query.

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Dear Sirs,

With all respect, the explorer app is really bad.
When I ordered objectdb about four years ago, I believed that it was under development, but there was no change from that time!
A better admin tool would be a great addition.

Is there any plan about that?




There are plans, of course, but unfortunately you will have to continue to use ad hoc update programs (which doesn't seem to be too complicated) in the near future.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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