Determining if Persistable Classes Have Trial Limitation


Hi,  I want to make our build automatically fail if classes are limited by the trial limitations (an up-to-date activation code is not present in objectdb.conf.  I thought the way this used to work was that the Enhancer would not Enhance or sign the specified persistable classes without a valid key.  I have removed all keys from the objectdb.conf file and I still see the message below which would seem to indicate success (classes not affected by trial limitations):

[ObjectDB 2.7.6 Enhancer]
7 persistable types have been enhance

How can I tell if a build does NOT occur with a valid key for the server performing the build?





When a valid OEM activation code is available the message should be:

[ObjectDB 2.7.6 OEM Enhancer]

rather than 

[ObjectDB 2.7.6 Enhancer]

In addition, OEM signed enhanced classes implement the interface com.objectdb.spi.SignedType, so you can check that your entity classes after enhancement indeed implement this interface.

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