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We are submitting one offer for our client and we must prove to client that Objectdb can allocate 128GB ram of server where it is installed.

So can you please help us where we can find that information on your site or if you have some datasheet where we can find that info that can be helpfull


Thanks in advance




Do you mean for cache? ObjectDB can benefit from any available RAM:

  1. By the operating system cache that may include all or significant parts of the database.
  2. By increasing the ObjectDB cache sizes in the ObjectDB configuration, as long as the JVM is also set and capable to use that amount of RAM for its heap.
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Thanks for answer, 

yes for cache.

So in theory if we have server with 256GB RAM and JVM can use 128GB of that RAM, we can allocate objectDB cache size to 128GB?




Maybe better question is there any limitations regarding RAM memory ?



Theoretically, the main ObjectDB page cache can use 4TB with the default page size of 2KB (and up to 128TB using an increased 64KB page size). However, as mentioned above, cache is also managed by the OS, so the real limit (regardless of ObjectDB abilities) is actually the OS RAM limit. See:




ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)


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