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Distributed second level cache


Is it possible to configure the second level cache as distributed?

The use-case:

  1. The object Person "John" is read on application node 1 and also on application node 2 to the second level caches.
  2. The object Person "John" is changed on application node 1 - name is set to "Jim" - so the second level cache on application node 1 has a correct data.
  3. The object Person is read from application node 2.
  4. Check: what is the Person name? "John" or "Jim"?

Distributed second level cache should invalidated the object in the cache on node 2, if the object is changed on node 1.

Is such feature supported?

(EclipseLink, EH Cache and Hazelcast have such feature implemented.)


Currently this feature is not supported. ObjectDB L2 cache is per EntityManagerFactory, i.e. for multiple connections (EntityManager instances) on the same JVM.

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