DBDoctor BTree Errors



we ran the db doctor on a database.

What does the following errors mean? Do we have to repair the database?

BTree Value Errors
[1] com.btc.ep.architecture.bl.internal.dmos.pool.PoolImpl
  - Unexpected page count: 958 (actual 1)
  - Unexpected object count: 9043 (actual 1)
[2] com.btc.ep.architecture.bl.internal.dmos.pool.PoolScopeImpl
  - Unexpected page count: 8 (actual 1)
  - Unexpected object count: 392 (actual 1)
[3] com.btc.ep.base.bl.internal.dmos.licensing.LicensingInfoImpl
  - Unexpected object count: 4 (actual 1)
[4] com.btc.ep.base.bl.internal.dmos.profile.ProfileImpl
  - Unexpected object count: 5 (actual 1)


It indicates mismatch in page / object count. Are these 5 entity classes in use? How many objects do you have of each class, and how many do you expect to have?

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For each of these entity types we have always exactly one entity instance in our database.


The cause of this mismatch is unclear. If you have indeed one object in each of these classes, as shown on the Doctor report (as actual), then you may ignore these errors. Theoretically wrong statistics may cause selecting sub-optimal queries, but for classes with one instance it is probably not an issue. Alternatively, to be on the safe side, you may want to use the Doctor to repair the database file.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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