Method not found on...


I've got this class...

@Table(name = "language")
public class Language implements Serializable{
    private List<String> aliases;
    public boolean hasAlias(List<String> alai) {
       return ... ;


When I try to make this JPQL query: SELECT g from Language g where g.hasAlias("espanol", "italian")

It returns the error: Method 'hasAlias' is not found in type 'Language'


I found out this error too:

Method 'containsAll' is not found in type 'java.util.List'

if I call something like this:

SELECT g from Language g where g.aliases.containsAll("espanol")

hasAlias doesn't expect 2 string arguments. containsAll doesn't expect one string argument.

You have to match both the method name and the method arguments.

In addition, in client-server mode for the server to be able to support user defined methods (such as hasAlias) the relevant code (class files) must be available for the server in its classpath.

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