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we have an issue with following query which needs with objectdb-2.7.6_07 only 15 - 30 milli seconds, but since objectdb-2.7.6_08 the query needs round about 3000 ms.
I added a database example in a ticket.

SELECT a FROM ArtifactImpl a LEFT OUTER JOIN a.tcSignal s
WHERE a.endStep.stepNumber >= 2000 AND a.startStep.stepNumber <= 2500
AND (a.tcSignal IS NULL OR IN (
  'INPUT:driver_neutral', 'INPUT:driver_up',
  'INPUT:driver_down', 'INPUT:passenger_neutral', 'INPUT:passenger_up',
  'INPUT:passenger_down', 'INPUT:obstacle_position', 'INPUT:window_position',
  'OUTPUT:obstacle_detection', 'OUTPUT:move_up', 'OUTPUT:move_down'))



Thank you for this report. Build 2.7.6_08 includes some improvements that in many cases accelerate query execution. We will investigate why this specific query execution became slower.

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This query is indeed slow with build 2.7.6_08 as reported. However, the last build of ObjectDB seems to run this query fast, so it is possible that this issue has already been fixed.

Could you please check build 2.8.0_04?


ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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