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Invalid/Missing licence when connecting, however correct licence is definitely present



I am new to ObjectDB and have inherited a project which uses it heavily. We have the correct licence for the server we are running our code on, and the previous version of the code uses the licence successfully without issue. I have upgraded the code and redeployed to the same server - but for some reason the licence is not working. I am trying to find out why, all the configuration is the same and the host is the same. I would like some guidance on what the issue might be (common problems where a valid licence is present but not being picked up). I suspect it is something very simple.

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Most issues with licences that don't work are related to having the activation key in an objectdb.conf file that is not in use. Therefore, the first thing to check is whether during upgrade the objectdb.jar file or the objectdb.conf file have been moved.

In addition, if the MAC address was changed (e.g. because of running the application now in a different container) then the re-activation may be required.

If that has not been changed, please provide more information on the code upgrade that has been done.

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