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ObjectDB and Spring Boot - sharing a simple working example


Following previous questions on the subject I'd like to share a simple working example of ObjectDB and Spring Boot.

The code of the example can be found here:


The example uses the automatic query generation performed by Spring and it works very nicely with objectdb:

public interface PersonRepository
    extends JpaRepository<Person, Long> {

    List<Person> findAllByBirthDateBetween(Date d1, Date d2);
    List<Person> findAllByGender(Person.Gender g);
    List<Person> findAllByBirthDateBetweenAndGender(Date d1, Date d2, Person.Gender gender);

    // the above are supported by spring data, see:
    // docs.spring.io/spring-data/jpa/docs/current/reference/html/#jpa.query-methods.query-creation

    @Query("Select p from Person p WHERE MONTH(p.birthDate) = :month")
    List<Person> findAllByBirthDateMonth(int month);

    List<Person> findAllByBirthDateYear(int year);
    @Query("Select p from Person p WHERE YEAR(p.birthDate) = :year")

In order to avoid the need to configure RDBMS in application.properties and/or in pom.xml I added the following beans:

@Bean @ConfigurationProperties("app.datasource")
public DataSource dataSource() {
    return DataSourceBuilder.create().build();

public EntityManagerFactory getEntityManagerFactoryBean() {
    return Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory("spring-data-jpa-test.odb");

public PlatformTransactionManager transactionManager(EntityManagerFactory emf) {
    JpaTransactionManager txManager = new JpaTransactionManager();
    return txManager;



Nice github project, thanks!

Useful as a starting point for using ObjectDB with Spring Boot.

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