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explorer locks local database in readonly mode



my current use case is:

execute unit test, verify results in explorer.

my problem, i have to close the explorer before every run, and open it again after the tests are done.

this slows down the whole process.

i opened the database in readonly mode, but the file will be locked by the explorer process.

do you think it's worth to improved this?

if yes, isseu #39 (refresh) will be useful too.



It seems that the most popular feature requests now are improvements to the Explorer, so this is now in a very high priority and version 2.3 is expected to support essential improvements.

Viewing database files while they are in use is already supported in client-server mode (consider using client-server mode for this purpose, but you will have to reopen the database to see changes because refresh is not implemented).

I think that this is exactly the requests of issue #238 - support refresh + add the ability to view a database that is in use also if it is open in embedded mode. Please subscribe to this issue to increase its priority.

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