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I am struggeling with trying to load a larg-ish dataset using objectDB 2.8.3 (JDO). I am new to ObjectDB and JDO, so I may be doing something stupid here :-).

I have a somewhat complex data structure, where one parent object holds a Map over child objects, which in turn have some one-to-one and one-to-many relationships (a mock-up of a still more complicated real-world scenario). Saving the parent object with 100.000 child objects takes some few seconds; loading the same data set takens a long time (more than 10 minute, maybe hours?). I am using "pm.getFetchPlan().addGroup(FetchGroup.ALL)"  in order to load all objects at once. For smaller datasets (10.000 child objects) there are no issues. During the load, the program is using a lot of memory, but still not up to the given limit.

I suspect the problem is related to the one-many-relationships. Probably, during save the objects are written to the db without much overhead. But during retrieval, for each object the corresponding record must be found...

Any help is much appreciated!


If your classes are not enhanced - try enhancement to improve performance.

In addition, try to reduce the number of objects that you load into memory at any given time.

If possible, please provide a minimal runnable example that demonstrates the issue.

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