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objectdb:2.8.4 & 2.6.1.b06 backward compatibility


We are decided to move our products from 2.6.1.b06 to 2.8.4, could you confirm that new objectDb 2.8.4 is fully compatible with many already created databases based on 2.6.1? So, it means that we need to be sure that new objectDb 2.8.4 could read/write to databases created by 2.6.1. Please confirm!

Harman Ltd.

Yes, you should be able to use version 2.8.4 to manage older databases that have been used with version 2.6.1.b06. That said, although we are not aware of any specific issue, this answer cannot replace extensive testing (software development is sometimes unexpected). If you have any issue please report.

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Thnx for the confirmation. We will inform you if any issues will be observed during integration or testing!

Harman Ltd.

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