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For a POC, we are considering using ObjectDB.

The app is multi-threaded, multi-user, rest API service with UI.

Let's say we want to deploy our app across 10 linux boxes and instead of each of these boxes connecting to a shared remote RDBMS we want them to each have an embedded ObjectDB.

Our question is will these 10 embedded objectDBs be in-sync.

E.g.: If a user has logged into box 1 and creates new data there at time t, then will other users making a fetch call for that data in any of the remaining 9 boxes reflect that data.

If not then, objectDB wont help us.

If yes, then after how much time will other nodes see the changes.


This is currently not supported by ObjectDB, as the supported replication is based on one master and multiple slaves, where synchronization updates (which are immediate) are in one direction from the master to the slaves. Using this architecture, write operations have to be directed to the master, where read operations can be directed also to the slaves. You can still implement your own synchronization layer above ObjectDB instances if this is applicable.

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