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Online Backup in client-server mode



we have issue with online-backup when using client-server mode.

It seems, that it is working the following way.
When we run the backup, server is creating tmp file for whole database and then copying it to the target location.
So it takes twice as long and consumes twice storage space.

Can it be improved? In my opinion the server proces should handle whole backup proces and do it as efficiently as the embedded mode does it.


Actually in client-server mode you have two options for online backup:

  1. If your specify a File instance as the target parameter then a temporary file is created on the server and then, when ready, downloaded to the client. This is useful when the client and the server are not on the same machine, and the temporary file is essential to minimize the time that the database is locked for backup (e.g. when the connection between the client and the server is slow).
  2. If you specify a String instance as the target parameter then it is interpreted as the path on the server machine to which to write the backup file and no temporary file should be created.

See also the ObjectDB manual.

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Thank You, I missed that part in the ObjectDB manual.
Indeed we've had the File as the parameter.

But now it seems, that the Absolute path on Linux/MacOS is not working.

When I enter the path /tmp/odb_backup it is still creating backup relative to the ObjectDB home directory


You are right - that is also the behaviour as described in the manual: "When a string is specified as a value for the target parameter it represents a path relative to the ObjectDB home directory, and in client-server mode, relative to the ObjectDB home directory on the server side."

As a workaround, consider using a symlink (symbolic link) under the ObjectDB home directory referring to your preferred external directory,

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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