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I tested ObjectDB. When I write JPQL, I get this error.

Caused by: com.objectdb.o.InternalException: Error reading UTF string
    at com.objectdb.o.BYR.U(BYR.java:1217)
    at com.objectdb.o.BYR.U(BYR.java:523)
    at com.objectdb.o.BYR.L(BYR.java:504)
    at com.objectdb.o.QJD.a(QJD.java:241)
    at com.objectdb.o.QRD.f(QRD.java:378)
    at com.objectdb.o.QRQ.m(QRQ.java:366)
    at com.objectdb.o.STC.h(STC.java:462)
    at com.objectdb.o.SHN.J(SHN.java:491)
    at com.objectdb.o.SHN.x(SHN.java:157)
    at com.objectdb.o.HND.run(HND.java:134)
    ... 1 more
Dr M H B Ariyaratne

Could you try the same test with the most recent version, 2.8.8, on both the server side and the client side? If you still get this exception with version 2.8.8 please post the up to date stack trace.

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