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  In first step  I have evaluated JPA API now I'm testing JDO API and I'have spotted that object explorer has lower functionality than in ver 2.2 eg garbarage collector or xml import/export functions are missing, could You explain why?


You are right - some important features of ObjectDB 1.0 Explorer are not implemented yet in ObjectDB 2.2.

This is because ObjectDB 2 was written almost from scratch and the old Explorer does not match the new code base, so only a limited version of the Explorer was provided with ObjectDB 2.0.

Due to higher priority in handing the new JPA support - improving the Explorer was delayed to ObjectDB 2.3, which is expected to be released in September 2011. Version 2.3 will add essential features to the Explorer, including support of running queries and editing databases. Additional features will be added to the Explorer in future versions.

Support of ObjectDB 1.x is now limited, so new application should only use ObjectDB 2.x. Notice that ObjectDB 2.x also supports JDO better (JDO 2 instead of JDO 1).

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