Difficulty with the BIRT plugin


Hi, am trying to get the BIRT plugin to work.

Firstly: connecting to an odb server doesn't seem to work (incompatible versions) - but there isn't any way to find out what version the BIRT plugin is using.

Next: connecting directly to a file datasource seems to work, in the sense that I can ping the database, however, there doesn't appear to be any way to create a new Data Set from the Data Explorer, as suggested in the online manual:

Open the [New Data Set] dialog box by right clicking the Data Sets node in the [Data Explorer] window and selecting New Data Set.


You will have to use version 2.2.7 of the ObjectDB Server, since this is the version of ObjectDB that is embedded in the plugin (it will become more flexible when support of using ObjectDB as a separate Eclipse plugin will be added).

Regarding the data set - in addition to the instructions in the manual there is a more detailed step by step tutorial, that explains how exactly to create the data set. If you follow the tutorial and still have a problem - please attach a screenshot that shows where the tutorial doesn't reflect reality in your Eclipse environment.

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Thanks, so now I can get a little further. My previous problem is that I was using the eclipse view "Data Source Explorer", when actually the correct view is "Data Explorer", which is different.

I can create the points datasource, and when I create a data set and enter:

"SELECT p.x AS x, p.y AS y FROM Point p WHERE p.x BETWEEN :low AND :high"

I get the error "Type Point is not found".

I checked that the points.odb file does have many objects of type point.Point.

Any ideas?



Maybe the database url is not accurate and a new empty database (without the type) is created and used.

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Hmm, I don't think it's that, because it pings successfully, (and doesn't ping if I use an url which doesn't point to a data file).


Actually a new database is created if the url is valid but no database still exists (maybe this has to be changed). Ping fails only if the url is invalid or no connection to the server.

Do you see a difference between using embedded mode or client/server mode?

I understand that you are trying the tutorial. Does it work with embedded mode?

if it fails only in client server mode - please provide more details:

  • The database url that you specify.
  • The data path attribute in the server configuration.
  • The path of the server's objectdb.jar file.
  • The path of your database file.
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