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Is there a specific procedure that we should follow when making schema updates?

I have often found that it takes several restarts of the the server to complete the change. The issue is that there may be changes in many places. Each change appears to be applied as the class is first encountered. Some operations may succeed but eventually internal exceptions are thrown. I restart the server and everything is fine until the next set of changes are encountered. This cycle may repeat several times. The problem is that I can never be sure that all changes have occurred, and several times I've been surprised by exceptions showing up long after I thought I was finished deploying.

Is there a way to broadly apply a set of changes all at once?





The requirement to restart the server after schema change is known and documented.

The need for more than one restart, however, is new and surprising. When a database is opened - one of the first operations on the client side is to synchronize all the persistable classes by sending the up to date schema of all these classes to the server. Therefore, the server should have the up to date schema as soon as the database is opened.

Thank you for reporting this issue. Unfortunately with no test case that reproduce the problem it might be very difficult to explore the problem and fix it. If you have more information on this issue it may help.

ObjectDB Support

I will work on creating a reproducible case.



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