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Is it possible to get detailed information on objectdb.conf client vs server?

We do have an objectdb.conf for our client and one for our server instance. Now there're several questions:

- Which config entries are relevant for the client and which one for the server? I.e. what about:
<cascade-persist always="true" on-persist="false" on-commit="true" /> we want to activate enhancer agent, guess this is client right?
activation-code - guess this is required for server only right?

Can we leave out non-required (for client and/or server) xml elements from the client and the server config?


Yes, this is confusing.

The objectdb.conf file has 7 main elements.

  • <general>                  for server + client + embedded mode.
  • <database>                 for server + embedded mode.
  • <entities>                 for client + embedded mode.
  • <scheme>                   mainly for client + embedded mode.
  • <server>, <users>, <ssl>    for the server only.

Only the <schema> element is currently optional but maybe other elements should become optional in future versions at least for server / client setting.

As the result of this division, subelements of <database> have no effect on the client side and subelements of <entities> have no effect on the server side.

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Would it be possible to allow leaving out non-relevant elements from the config for the next release?

This would certainly help a lot in managing configurations...

thanks a lot,



Or something that might be even of greater use if possible would be to split up into top-level elements <server> <embedded> <client> and <shared> with the option to leave out all other top-level elements depending on current run mode?



Changing the general structure of the configuration file is not expected anytime soon.

But build 2.3.3_01 makes all the top level elements except <general> optional. When a missing top level element is needed - default setting is used.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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