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Possible Bug in MEMBER OF



I maybe found another bug in version 2.3.3.

I'll send you a test DB via support ticket.

Try the following query in explorer:

SELECT u FROM Unit u WHERE :user MEMBER OF u.users

Set user to TrackerUser#8

If i run this quey i get:

Invalid operand type at.co.pjm.tracker.persistence.TrackerUser for operator MEMBER OF
SELECT u FROM Unit u WHERE :user MEMBER OF u. ==> users <==

In my opinion the result should be Unit#4004

Thanks for your help.


It seems that inverse (mapped by) collection fields where only supported in the FROM clause (With JOIN) but not in the WHERE clause. Build 2.3.3_01 provides a temporary fix that makes your query work.

Still SIZE and IS EMPTY are not supported yet and this should be fixed in future versions.

ObjectDB Support

Thanks for the fix. Now it works.

I hope you add comprehensive support for inverse collection fields in the next release. It's a pretty basic feature every JPA implementation should have.



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