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Storing Images and Object Pooling


Hello we have heard your product and we will plan to use your product on image database.
Is it good to use ObjectDB as image database?

Image database just screenshots of desktops.


2- ) On JPA as we know getting Result list returns ArrayList

        List<SomeClass> xxx = query.getResultList();

Producing everytime ResultList ( Garbage collection destroy and remake ) slows apps i think. I think it will be good if you make object pooling for every class.We dont know about your codes but i think it will be very good if you make object pool.


You should be able to use ObjectDB successfully as an image database.

ObjectDB includes many types of cache mechanisms, including object pooling. To use object pooling more aggressively consider changing the default reference cache configuration from weak to soft or strong. However, notice that objects are cached as objects per EntityManager, so you will have to use long term shared EntityManager to benefit from this object pooling.

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