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Deploying a BIRT Project using ObjectDB onto Tomcat


Hi I am currently having trouble deploying a BIRT Report onto Tomcat. The report works fine in the designer and I can run it without problem. However when i deploy it on Tomcat I get errors,

Cannot find or process the %oda.data.source.id driver's data source extension configuration.
Cannot find the ODA dataSource extension (%oda.data.source.id).
Check the workspace log file for any problems with loading the extension bundle and its dependencies.


What is the offical procedure of deploying a BIRT Report that is using ObjectDB to Tomcat or any other server for that matter. Thanks.



Currently there are no instructions for using ObjectDB+BIRT+Tomcat.

Please try to follow general instructions for using BIRT with Tomcat, e.g.


Instead of the JDBC driver use the ObjectDB-BIRT driver.

If you still have a problem you may submit a sample web project that demonstrates it.

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