Can you implement fastest Native JPA for MySQL by ClusterJ like?


Hello , I've read some docs :

These documents telling us they did native JPA implementations for MySQL without JDBC Layer.

I'm trying to use your database but the problem is , many industrial frameworks and applications using JPA with JDBC.
So this makes your db impossible to use sometimes.
Can you make jdbc with jpa layer or can you implement new jpa driver for mysql for some projects that requires some frameworks.

I'm using Liferay portal.Liferay is using JPA but they also implemented some jdbc usages.
I wanted to use your product on Liferay but its internal makes impossible to use.

I think , if you make your product as mysql driver also , make your product more popular.Or you can make separate product for that.

I will be your first customer for that :)

I just wanted to share my idea.



Thank you for this post. A JDBC driver for ObjectDB is indeed something that can be added in a future version of ObjectDB.

ObjectDB Support
ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

if JDBC driver will show itself as MySQL it will be better.

So we can use it on Liferay Portal

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