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I'm an individual developer and my project has more then 10 persistable types. How can I get a free commercial license? (According to the post below, this might be possible).




This exception indicates an attempt to use more than 10 persistable types (e.g. entity classes) with no license key.

As noted on the license page:

    ObjectDB can also be used freely (including commercially) under a restriction of maximum 10 entity classes and one million entity objects per database file. This is mainly useful for small projects, academic assignments, evaluation and learning.

Students, individual developers and small startup companies may apply for a free commercial license, as explained on the license page. Larger companies are required to purchase a license to remove this restrictions. Anyway, you need a license key to remove this restriction.

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That answer was given in the forum when the license page included the following paragraph (to which the answer refers):

"If you are a single developer or you work for a small startup company of up to 3 developers, and you think that you can provide significant help in promoting ObjectDB, JPA and JDO - you may apply for free commercial licenses in return for this help. Possible help includes developing open source tools, writing (tutorials, articles, blog posts), giving lectures, etc."

That program is inactive now but if you think you can provide significant contribution to ObjectDB in return to a free license - you may suggest it in a private support ticket.

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