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In some older post "support" wrote: "A single server license is for one activation of one machine and is non transferable.".
What if one of our servers or laptops needs to get replaced? Do i have to purchase a new server license?
I know that there is a site license but we are only two developers. A site license would be 3 times more expensive than two server licenses.

Our production servers are rented. If i read your definition of the site license correctly we have to buy seperate licenses for them because they are not in the same building. Right?
What's about EC2 Instances? Let's say i need them every month for 2 days to deal with very high loads. How would i license them?

Currently we aren't hitting the limits of your free version but i'm afraid that it could get very expensive if we do.

Regards Ralph


As noted, a server license is bound to one specific machine and is not transferable.

A site license is more appropriate for most ObjectDB customers and because it enables unlimited installations it also solves situations in which you have to switch machines. Even for a small project of two developers a site license may be preferred because of this freedom, particularly if the developers use more than just two machines (e.g. home / laptop computers) and additional installations of ObjectDB are required for server machines (development, test, deployment, backup).

A site license should also cover rented / leased server machines (under some terms). Following your post the site license description was updated to reflect this.

Small companies are also encouraged to purchase a site license. Very small startup companies (of 1-3 persons) with no revenues may apply for a discount.

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