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Guestbook Tutorial (Eclipse/Glassfish)


I have the tutorial working which has been a great help in understanding how to use ObjectDB.

I have found one problem. The database file (C:\glassfish3.1\glassfishv3\glassfish\domains\domain1\eclipseApps\Guestbook\WEB-INF\db\guests.odb) is reset on occasions; I am not sure what set of events causes this.

I can enter a number of entries, stop Glassfish, use the Object Explorer to view the objects. At some point, may be when restarting Glassfish or re-publishing the application, the database is empty.

Any help would be much appreciated.



The database is currently located in a working directory that GlassFish may clean when the web application is redeployed.

You can move the database to a safe location by specifying an absolute path on your computer.

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Once I updated the persistence.xml with a different database location everything worked fine.

Thank you for the prompt support and advice. It is much appreciated.


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