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Greetings ObjectDB team,

The below questions assume a very large database (~1,000,000,000 objects):

Q1: If my whole database is read only, is there a way to exploit this and optimize query performance ?

Q2: Do LIKE operations have significant degradation on queries ?

My last question is different: any plans to port to Java 7 ?

Kind Regards and Thanks !


When your database is read only it might be easier to share the same EntityManager by different threads, increasing the effectiveness of the EntityManager's persistence context (L1) cache. But otherwise read only databases are not faster. Future versions of ObjectDB might share an L1 cache of read only entity managers automatically.

Even though ObjectDB implements LIKE very efficiently it still might be slower than other comparison operators. An index on the string field could help. LIKE against patterns that start with fixed characters rather than wildcards is expected to be faster.

ObjectDB has not been tested yet with Java 7 beta versions.

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