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Greetings ObjectDB team,

All below questions assume a very large database (~1,000,000,000 objects):

Q1: In what cases would ObjectDB utilize multi-threading ? how about in JOIN operations ?

Q2: Is it true that two read-only JPQL queries accessing the same database file actually run simultaneously if placed into two independent threads ? no I/O synchronization bottlenecks ?

Q3: Is it possible to use two database files on two different physical hard disks while still being able to cross reference objects on both, i.e. distributed database/graph of objects ?

Kind Regards and Thanks !


Activity of different entity managers in different threads is executed in parallel using multithreading, so one user thread that runs queries will not block another thread as long as they do not share the same EntityManager. Please see more details about parallel execution and multithreading in this previous thread.

References from objects in one database to objects in another database are not supported. Applications can simulate such references by holding primary keys instead of references, but in this case queries on multiple databases are not be available.

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