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Running doctor.jar with entity classes in classhpath



I am wondering how to populate new entity classes to database file, so that I could add new instances of these entities to database through explorer. I tried to run com.objectdb.Doctor with model.jar (my entity classes in it) in classpath but it doesn't work (new entities still dont show up in explorer). Could it be possible to add that kind of feature in next relase ?


I run doctor by executing cmd like :

java -cp bin\objectdb.jar;_my_model_.jar com.objectdb.Doctor old_db.db new_db.db

You are right that this feature should be added.

Meanwhile, as a workaround, you can follow these 2 steps:

  • Run the Explorer with the new class in the classpath:
    java -cp <classpath> -jar explorer.jar
  • In the Explorer execute a query on the class, using full class name:
    SELECT e FROM myPackage.myClass e

The new entity class should be added.

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