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Again about $temp from objectdb.conf


I am using the 2.4.5 distribution and I'd like to set up $temp to another folder than the system uses. In my web application I use a servlet to configure some values:

public void init(ServletConfig config) throws ServletException
  System.setProperty("objectdb.home",config.getInitParameter("OBJECT_DB_HOME")); // sets $objectdb
  System.setProperty("objectdb.conf", config.getInitParameter("OBJECT_DB_CONFIG"));

Well, my question is: what would be the name of the property?

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--- Sandu

You can set the temporary directory that ObjectDB uses in the configuration file.

By default ObjectDB uses $temp/ObjectDB where $temp is:


You can also change the "" system property, but that will change the temporary directory for the entire JVM, not just for ObjectDB.


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