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Is there an administration tool with which I could create extra indexes?



I have composite index, and it was working fine, but now I need to add more features to the software and I need to throw more indexes in there.

I wanted to know what's the best way to do this.

1. Have some admin tool CREATE INDEX..... ON a.b


2. add more @Index to the object entities.

in case of #2, would ObjectDB auto-reindex all existing data?


To add a new index:

  1. Define it using the @index annotation in your entity class.
  2. Open the database with the up to date class in the classpath in order to update the schema.
  3. Run the ObjectDB Doctor (in repair mode) to build the new index.

Step 2 may be skipped if you run the Doctor (step 3) with your up to date classes in the classpath.

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