Issue #1238: Adding objectdb-jee.jar to the maven repository

Type: Website IssueVersion: 2.5.3Priority: NormalStatus: FixedReplies: 2


I can only find objectdb.jar releases in the ObjectDB maven repository.

Would it be possible to include objectdb-jee.jar for the current and future maven releases?




Currently the Maven repository doesn't include objectdb-jee.jar releases.

The difference between these jars is that objectdb.jar includes JPA 2 (javax.persistence, etc.) and objectdb-jee.jar doesn't. It may be better simply to remove JPA from objectdb.jar in future releases.

ObjectDB Support

Thank you for this report. Starting build 2.6.2_02 the ObjectDB Maven repository will include only ObjectDB without JPA and JTA, which will help using ObjectDB in Java EE application servers with no errors or warnings.

To use ObjectDB outside a Java EE application server (starting build 2.6.2_02), dependency on JPA and JTA should be explicitly specified in the pom.xml file:


The Maven examples on ObjectDB website have been updated accordingly.

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