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Issue #1591: Unlimited JPA Persistable Types

Type: Feature RequestVersion: 2.6.0Priority: NormalStatus: ActiveReplies: 2

I think it would be revolutionary if it were possible to persist any Java object, not just the standard SQL-based objects. Perhaps introducing an annotation will allow for this, something like @BasicType.

The ability to store the state of an entire application would be a new innovative approach to persistence. For example, being able to persist: private Thread thread;

Since ObjectDB is a proprietary database, surely this could be introduced by adding some sort of equals() override?


Actually you can persist any Serializable type by setting the configuration.

There is no point in persisting most of the non serializable types such as Thread, because when retrieved from the database it will not behave as expected.

ObjectDB Support

The above link is for an XML configuration. Is there a way to do the setting via a Java configuration by any chance?

Why won't Thread behave as expected? Everything has state so are certain attributes lost during serialization in that case?

I've noticed that you cannot persist any collections either. If this feature was in place it wouldn't matter what the object type is, surely?



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