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Issue #1592: Error whilst running

Type: Bug ReoprtVersion: 2.6.0Priority: CriticalStatus: FixedReplies: 3
ObjectDB 2.6.0] Unexpected exception (Error 990)
  Generated by Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.7.0_17 (on Windows 2003 5.2).
Please report this error on http://www.objectdb.com/database/issue/new
com.objectdb.o.InternalException: null
at com.objectdb.o.BYR.o(BYR.java:113)
at com.objectdb.o.BYR.w(BYR.java:206)
at com.objectdb.o.VUT.j(VUT.java:350)
at com.objectdb.o.RST.C(RST.java:194)
at com.objectdb.o.RTT.l(RTT.java:134)
at com.objectdb.o.RST.l(RST.java:24)
at com.objectdb.o.RTT.D(RTT.java:179)
at com.objectdb.o.RST.s(RST.java:121)
at com.objectdb.o.PGT.q(PGT.java:109)
at com.objectdb.o.RST.B(RST.java:93)
at com.objectdb.o.RTT.l(RTT.java:132)
at com.objectdb.o.RST.l(RST.java:24)
at com.objectdb.o.TSK.i(TSK.java:145)
at com.objectdb.o.TSK.f(TSK.java:95)
at com.objectdb.o.MST.aY(MST.java:600)
at com.objectdb.o.MST.U9(MST.java:558)
at com.objectdb.o.WRA.U9(WRA.java:279)
at com.objectdb.o.LDR.F(LDR.java:563)
at com.objectdb.o.LDR.E(LDR.java:470)
at com.objectdb.o.LDR.z(LDR.java:269)
at com.objectdb.o.OBC.aP(OBC.java:1058)
at com.objectdb.o.OBC.aN(OBC.java:976)
at com.objectdb.jpa.EMImpl.find(EMImpl.java:625)
at com.objectdb.jpa.EMImpl.find(EMImpl.java:545)

This issue was also reported on this forum thread.

It seems that a change between builds 2.4.4_10 to 2.4.4_17 causes this error, but probably only in very specific cases, since we only have reports from one user for this issue, although the change is more than two years old.



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This report seems to be related to issue #1107 (a well as #194, #239, and #308).

Build 2.7.2_01 should fix this bug.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

Build 2.7.2_01 has a side effect that introduces another bug (issue #2142).

Build 2.7.2_02 should be used.

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