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Issue #169: Monitoring and Performance counters

Type: Feature RequestVersion: 2.5.2Priority: NormalStatus: ActiveReplies: 2

After checking last patch from build 2.1.1_01, I started to think about some kind o monitoring tools in ODB. Those tools could look similar to MySQL 'show innodb status', where you can get some informations about how DB is doing.

It would be nice to monitor:

- inserts/s, updates/s, deletes/s, reads/s

- total inserts, update, deletes, reads

- I/O operations/s

- caches current usage

- uptime from last start

- caches hit rate

- total sessions from clients

- memory usage (for heap space tuning?)

The easiest way to obtain this kind of statistics would be to use normal typed query with predefined result class or just query with ResultSet. 


Here are additional ideas from the Server connection management forum thread:

  • # of open connections to server
  • for each open connection, see:
    • database name that it is connected to
    • Client username and IP address
  • Also, a command to force any or all connections closed would be great.

Any idea for other useful information will be welcome.

ObjectDB Support

Hi! Is there any progress made for these great and useful features?



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