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Issue #1793: 500Mb ObjectDb database opening issue

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I have observed that 500 Mb objectDb database opening time is very slow (~3 seconds) for following code

long time = System.currentTimeMillis();

m_EntityMgrFactory = Persistence.createEntityManagerFactory( "objectdb:" + aFilename );
m_EntityManager = m_EntityMgrFactory.createEntityManager(); String.format( "took [%d] ms", System.currentTimeMillis() - time ) );

Does exist any way to speed-up open time for big databases? Definitely, it's too long for 500 Mb database!

INFO : ( thread:Thread-8): doOpenDataStore(): took [2583] ms

We gonna work with ObjectDb databases which may have size more than 5Gb and opening database time is very critical for us!

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Closed as a duplicate of this forum thread.

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