Issue #1940: NullPointerException in ENH.g(

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corresponding to your suggestion I created a private ticket in reply to
Attached you will find my database file (I removed most of the content but one corrupt instance is still included).

I error happens when reading the field "Event.participants" of the entity with id "a1bef640-2191-11e6-942d-485ab6c92d08". The explorer just shows an ArrayList of length 0 but this isn´t the case. Since the type "Participant" is correct there must be some issue with the database file (before deleting all other entities of type "Event" I could not read the field "Event.participants" from any of them).

Thanks in advance
Markus Ritter


Please note that this is a public issue. Use this link:

to open a private support ticket and to post private data.

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Ok. Done. Thanks