Issue #2295: DB persist operation results are not available for another Thread/EntityManager immdiately

Type: Bug ReoprtVersion: 2.7.3Priority: CriticalStatus: DuplicateReplies: 1


we have following situation:

The EntityManagerFactory is always opened and won't be closed.

Thread A with its own EntityManager persists entities and commits the entities successfully.

Thread B runs afterwards also with its own EntityManager and tries to load the persisted entities by a query.
But there are not any results available.

We debugged the problem.
Thread B executes the query and prints the results to the console, but there are not results. After that the thread stops at a debug break point.
We steps over the next statement which also executes the identical query again. And we get the expected results. Why?

It is also possible to insert a Thread.sleep(1000) before executing the query, in this case we get always the expected results.

The problem does only occur, if we have a certain persistence constellation of a use case. If there are more or less persistence operations then the problem does not happen.

Can you imagine or explain this timing problem?


This report seems similar to issue #2280.

After flush (by Thread B) a snapshot of the database is used for further queries (until build 2.7.4_04).

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