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Issue #2375: Multiple files support for search and persist

Type: Feature RequestVersion: 2.7.6Priority: NormalStatus: ActiveReplies: 1

Hi , we have HP DL380 servers with many disks.
I want search and persist faster by seperating db to seperate files ( Each file is binded to different disk )

How can i configure objectdb for multiple files ?

is there any example ?



An ObjectDB database is a single file so you cannot split a database to multiple disks unless you split the database itself to multiple databases (but that will require changing your application and might make some operations much more complicated).

Currently you may be able to improve performance by:

  1. moving other files that ObjectDB use (e.g. temporary files, recovery file) to other disks.
  2. using replication with multiple servers and multiple disks, and splitting read activity between slave servers.
  3. increasing RAM, which may be much more effective than splitting to multiple disks.

Future versions of ObjectDB may support also splitting a database to multiple files.

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