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Issue #2540: How to check what is taking most space in DB file

Type: Feature request Version: 2.8.2 Priority: Normal Status: Fixed Replies: 5


we are using Object DB for quite a while.
And some of our DB files are growing to bigger sizes that we would love to.

We started to deleting Entity instances which we don't need anymore, but without much luck of preventing the growth.

Are there some Tools that we can use to find out which entities occupies biggest portion of file space?

For example, to be able to see how many space individual entity classes (not single instances, but all of particular class) takes up would be really helpful for us.


Unfortunately this information is currently inaccessible.

However, it seems relatively easy to expose it in the Explorer, so following your request we will try to implement it soon.

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Thanks, that would be great.

I will be awaiting that.


Can you be more specific about how "soon"?


ObjectDB 2.8.3 adds information in the Explorer (on the Schema tab) about the space in bytes that each entity type consumes (for storing the objects) and each index consumes.

This information is currently available only when the Explorer runs in embedded mode.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

Thank You very much for this update.
It works like we expected.

We found out an entity consuming more than 50% of space (we have over 100 entity classes), which we can investigate now.

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