Issue #26: Entity Version History

Type: Feature RequestVersion: 1.4.0Priority: NormalStatus: ActiveReplies: 2

ObjectDB manages automatic entity versioning (for optimistic lock purposes). Every entity object modification is reflected by a new version number. Naturally, previous values in the entity object that are overridden by new values are discarded.

Some applications may benefit from the ability to go back in time and view old versions (and old values) of entity objects. Future versions of ObjectDB should support archiving old versions of specific entity classes, similarly to the functionality of tools such as Hibernate Envers.

ObjectDB Support

I think this would be a great feature to have. Could use it now.


For what I do, this would be great as I would be able to reference pricing/sales audit records over a period of time quite easily in order to make good pricing decisions.... I also would be able to avoid the $5000 MySQL Enterprise license which is a plus!