Issue #2750: criteria api / embedded objects / where order

Type: Bug ReoprtVersion: 2.8.0Priority: NormalStatus: FixedReplies: 2

Dear Support Team

Changing objectdb from version 2.7.4 to version 2.8.1 I found, that query against embedded objects doesn't work as expected and the formerly green UnitTest (Version 2.7.4) turns red (Version 2.8.1). For what I thought I realized is, that the version 2.8.1 was sensitive to the order of the where clouse and the 2.7.4 wasn't.

Unfortunatly I was not able to strip down the whole problem one to one. In the uploaded example project both versions 2.7.4 and 2.8.1 are sensitive to the order of the where clause, meaning that the result set differs. As far as I understand there might be some performence issues related to the order but no different result set.

Because we have different complex queries I did not dare to just change the order for the new version 2.8.1 but to make sure, all queries are computed properly.

Did I misunderstood something or may please you help me understand the problem?

thank you and best regards


PS.: in the example I didn't implement equals and hash, but that doesn't change the result.


Thank you for this report. Please try build 2.8.7_04 that should fix the issue.

ObjectDB Support

both the submitted testcase and our project unit test run green for the version 2.8.7_04.

thank you very much for this really excellent support

best regards