Referential Integrity

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Currently ObjectDB doesn't prevent deletion of entity objects that are in use and referenced by other entity objects, and it is the application responsibility to avoid such deletion.

During development and testing it is recommended to use the ObjectDB Doctor to verify that reference integrity is not broken and there are no dangling references.

Future versions of ObjectDB should support reference integrity.

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*VERY* important feature for any serious db app..


I notice  ObjectDB since 1.0.

ObjectDB is promising and a lot better support than Datanucleus.

But declarative referential integrity is a must from day one that developer request for his datatstore.

That's where the good old relation database outperformed most.

And the only thing that blocked me from transfer to ObjectDB.


As indicated above, reference integrity can be checked by the ObjectDB Doctor (offline).

Eventually standard reference integrity would be added to ObjectDB, but even then, it is expected to be disabled by default because reference integrity has a performance overhead.

If during tests the application doesn't create dangling references (and that can be checked with the Doctor), avoiding reference integrity checks at runtime improves performance at a minimal risk.

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ObjectDB - Fast Object Database for Java (JPA/JDO)

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