Issue #654: Activation & Object Model Enhancement

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We'd like to buy and use OEM Licenses. However, our object model gets enhanced at runtime (using JEnhancer directly) and not at compile time so we can not "sign" our object model at compile time though we are unable (and don't want) to activate each oem instance so we'd need a solution for this.






The license has to be bound to something. Currently Server/Site licenses are bound to machines. OEM licenses are bound to the object model. Please suggest alternative binding that may work for you.

Some sort of binding is necessary to avoid uncontrolled distribution of ObjectDB, since OEM users may put their application with ObjectDB on the web for download by everyone (e.g. as a trial or free version).

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Well, we are creating osgi bundles using maven. One of our bundles contains the code calling odb JEnhancer. Maybe it'd be possible to somewhat generate a key with maven & odb on developer machine that could be inserted into our class that calls JEnhancer that then enhances the object model correctly at runtime?

See, we don't have any interest in populating odb somewhere as it'd be forbidden by licenses anyway. Sure enough you need to protect your investment, however, binding companies buying your licenses on too harsh licenses (i.e. making it harder for them to distribute apps with your technology) might be a show stopper as well though.


thank you very much,



This may be considered as an exceptional arrangement in situations in which the object model is dynamic but it will require singing an agreement to protect ObjectDB from unauthorized distribution. Please open a support ticket to discuss the details.

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