Issue #718: 'DROP TABLE' in ODB?

Type: Bug ReoprtVersion: 1.4.0Priority: NormalStatus: FixedReplies: 11

Let's say I no longer need some entity in my project and after deleting all the objects of this type in database I want to remove this type from schema. How can I do this? Is there something like SQL 'drop table' in ODB?


This is currently not supported. As far as I understand the main effect of such drop operation would be on the list of classes in the Explorer. Is it correct?

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Any update on this? I also like to remove a class from the DB which is no longer needed. Is there a way to achieve this?


I found a description that the DB Explorer should be capable to delete classes? But it seems not to work

There I also read that you can load new kind of compiled classes into the schema? But under the "File" Menu none such option is provided


These features were included in ObjectDB 1.x Explorer but unfortunately are currently not supported in ObjectDB 2.x.

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Can we ask to put such a feature on your roadmap that unused classes etc. can be removed from the DB?


It will probably be included in a new Explorer, which is on our roadmap, but not for the next year.

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Any Update on This?


No. As it doesn't effect anything except the list of classes in the Explorer it has a low priority.

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I am still waiting that this feature get once supported. Please add it it on your near roadmap. Thanks


ObjectDB 2.8.2 adds support of deleting classes in the Explorer.

An obsolete class can be selected in the Schema / Managed Types list and then deleted by using [Edit > Delete] from the menu bar or right click (context menu) and Delete.

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