[ObjectDB 2.4.3_07] Unexpected exception (Error 990)

Type: BugVersion: 1.4.0Priority: NormalStatus: ClosedReplies: 1

[2012-10-05 13:14:18 #7 store]
Database '/home/glassfish/objectdb-2.4.3_07/db/test.odb' is opened by 7042@edi-gui-sbr-devel

[2012-10-05 13:14:18 #8 server]
[ObjectDB 2.4.3_07] Unexpected exception (Error 990)
  Generated by Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM 1.6.0_35 (on Linux 2.6.32-300.10.1.el5uek).
Please report this error on http://www.objectdb.com/database/issue/new
com.objectdb.o.InternalException: null
at com.objectdb.o.BYR.s(BYR.java:113)
at com.objectdb.o.BYR.A(BYR.java:206)
at com.objectdb.o.BYR.x(BYR.java:171)
at com.objectdb.o.STC.k(STC.java:300)
at com.objectdb.o.SHN.ac(SHN.java:372)
at com.objectdb.o.SHN.K(SHN.java:131)
at com.objectdb.o.HND.run(HND.java:132)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)

[2012-10-05 13:45:17 #9 store]
Database '/home/glassfish/objectdb-2.4.3_07/db/test.odb' is closed by 7042@edi-gui-sbr-devel


This may indicate using a new server version (2.4.3_07) with an old client version.

Please verify that you are using the same version also on the client side.

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