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getPersistenceManagerFactory(jndiLocation, context, loader) - JDO JDOHelper's static method

Static Method
PersistenceManagerFactory getPersistenceManagerFactory(
  String jndiLocation,
  Context context,
  ClassLoader loader

Returns a PersistenceManagerFactory at the JNDI location specified by jndiLocation in the context context. If context is null, new InitialContext() will be used. Creates a PersistenceManagerFactory with loader. Any NamingExceptions thrown will be wrapped in a JDOFatalUserException.
jndiLocation - the JNDI location containing the PersistenceManagerFactory
context - the context in which to find the named PersistenceManagerFactory
loader - the class loader to use to load the PersistenceManagerFactory class
the PersistenceManagerFactory
JDO 2.0