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getFetchGroup(cls, name) - JDO PersistenceManager's method

FetchGroup getFetchGroup(
  Class cls,
  String name

Get a modifiable FetchGroup for the Class and name. If a modifiable FetchGroup already exists in the PersistenceManager scope, return it. If not, create and populate a new FetchGroup from the existing definition in the PersistenceManager or PersistenceManagerFactory. If the definition for the FetchGroup is not in scope in either the PersistenceManager or PersistenceManagerFactory, create it with no members. The FetchGroup immediately becomes active and in scope of the PersistenceManager, and hides the corresponding fetch group in the PersistenceManagerFactory.
cls - the class or interface for the FetchGroup
name - the name of the fetch group
the FetchGroup
JDOUserException - if the class is not a persistence-capable class or interface
JDO 2.2